Cosmetology Program - 1500 hrs

Manicuring Program - 300 hrs

Cosmetology Instructor Program - 800 hrs

Natural Hair Care Specialist Program - 300 hrs

This course introduces cosmetology practices and all salon services covered by Cosmetology in preparation for real salon settings.


*Professional image
*First aid
*Professional ethics
*Roller sets
Pin curls
*Ridge curls with C shaping
*Finger waves
*Artificial hair

*Brush control
*Blow-drying with curling iron
*Pressing or thermal
*Hair cutting
*Perm wraps
*Relaxer sectioning
*Color application sectioning
*Scalp treatments
*Artificial nails
*Product knowledge

Styles and techniques of cosmetology services including: 

*Cutting techniques and implements including razors, clippers, thinning shears, and shears
*Bleaching, or coloring hair
*Business management and Salon business.

With the right skills and right licensing, you can open your own salon. There are many advantages to becoming your own boss. By becoming your own boss, you can choose your hours, services, and location.

RDT Academy of Cosmetology School offers licensing for full-service salons and limited-service salons. If, after obtaining your cosmetologist license, you find that you enjoy one aspect of cosmetology over another, you can choose to do what you love. You can decide what you want to specialize in by starting your own salon.


You Can Do Something You’re Passionate About Every Single Day

If you’ve always enjoyed making others feel beautiful, you can do that, and build a career career that you’re passionate about.